Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Turtles Can Fly

Just watched this movie last week end.. very touching.. it opened my eyes how pity is the life of war victim, especially the children. They couldn't play, study and the worst one, some of them were raped by the soldiers

At the little village of Turskish Border, they are a refugees who live in a tents and huts. Most of them are orphanage and led by Soran ( Soran Ebrahim) 12 years old boy who manages them to find the land mines and sell it to the arms dealers and merchant. He also can speak English and so he becomes the "information Source" for the refugees by get it from the radio or Mosque and that's the reason why he was called Satellite

Soran or Satellite fall in love ( maybe its better to called it interested to ) a 13 years old girl who always carry a 3 years old blind baby. They always go somewhere together with a boy whose arms were blown off by a land mines. They raise the baby together as his parents. But in fact, the baby was the girl's product of a rape by 5 American Soldiers.

The Girl whose name is Agrin (Avaz Latif) lives with the baby Riga (Abdol Rahman Karim) and the brother Hengov (Hiresh Feysal Rahman). She feels trauma, down and depressed due to the war that killed their parents and also the rape which make her delivered a baby in her teen . She hates the little Riga and even call him "bastard" but Hengov loves him and always persuade her to treat him as the mom. but Agrin can't stand on it anymore. She tries to kill the baby for a few times.

Satellite likes to help Agrin in order to get her attention. Everything that he has will be shared to Agrin. But Agrin who already "mentally frustated" always ignore him.

Once, the two teenagers meet at a pond. There Agrin ask him if he ever swum into it and the boy say Yes, He has ( even tough he has never do it) Then the girl ask if there a goldfish inside the water and the boy promise her to bring it to her some day. it really fun to see how Satellite try many things to help her and the baby even tough he has to left one of his feet at the end

Hengov can get the vision of the future and at the end he becomes information the source of Satellite. Due to the ability, He becomes an optimist person. He always promise the sister that the war will be end as soon. but the sister can afford it. The mental depression make her lose her dreams of the future

This movie is very touching. Makes me realize that there are billion of people who cant live properly due to the war. The war should be end in this world. It destroy the future of the children, take all their own right to get a freedom as a human right


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