Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Cute Stuff

Today I met again another cute stuff .. one vendor of that interesting stuff promoted their interesting and lovely things @bazaar @ WTC 2nd Floor..
They were an amazing creation for me.. Very2 cute and nice!! I do want to grab them all !! .. The tissue box, Apron, table cloth, Fridge's cover or a kitchen doll was really2 nice!!.. I directly called my hubby and asked whether I could get one lovely thing, But my hubby promised me that we will get it at Mangga Dua ( and believe they gonna be cheaper) Ok.. ! so happy to know that I will get those funny things as soon!!

Anyway, here is the website,: may be you can take a peep inside. o ya, from the price, for me its really2 expensive. For example the Apron cost more than 100.000 IDR hey, its only Apron that would be dirty due to the stain sauce or ketchup!! but may be because they are all hand made and limited, they cost higher than the usual.. O ya for the cover of tissue box, it costs up to 25.000 ... hmm still reasonable if its not more than 30.000. but if its up to 30,000 i Thinks its not a good idea to buy it.. Well.. I hope i can find something cheaper at Mangga Dua..


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