Thursday, June 25, 2009


Yeah, I am a person who cant go far from this thing. Why? the main reason is my pale skin that need blush on for making it fresh and Colorful.. I used to have it since I was in my college. My Fav one is a light Pink or brown because that color are simpler and natural. O ya.. beside this nice stuff, I also need my Lipstick to complete my performance

My First Blush on was a "Beige Blush" product from Bless. I fell in love with this product because they provide a "natural" colur and also OK for the sensitive skin like mine ( FYI, The owner was
Dr. Utama Widjaja .. I used this stuff for a long time before I went for another. O ya the price also reasonable and the packaging is very nice. beside this blush on, I also like the liquid Foundation which I still use until now.

Since 2005, I turned my choice into the other label : Revlon. My Fav type is "Love that Pink". I moved to this product because they provide "more colorful" Blush on than what Bless provide ( due to my Age, i wanted simpler but more shocking color than before) Then the other reason, it is more vivid/ stick in my face so I don't need to "retouch" my make up.. hehe.. more efficient i think. O ya, the price is absolutely more expensive than Bless, but I think it is still reasonable due to the quality. Now I am still using it and have a plan to use Powder and Foundation from Revlon also ( I already use the lipstick anyway)

In 2007 I also had ever tried another product which is cheaper than Revlon : Oriflame. The product was very soft and the color was also OK. but the main problem was they were not stick as long as Revlon. So I do need to retouch my make up at the evening O ya the price also OK, not really expensive I think

Now, I believe that Revlon still the best one for me. I just cant find another products which is better than it. The price is maybe more expensive than other, but for me as long it is still reasonable and the quality is Best, Nothing to compromise.

Last, for taking a peep, maybe you can take a look for those sweet stuff at :


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