Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy story from the happy ground

These pictures was taken when I, my hubby and our niece went to "Kota Fantasi" at Bandung Super Mall A.K.A BSM. She was happy to "join' the Marry Go Round, Train and Airplane. I was the one who accompany her enjoying the cute stuff that suitable for her even tough I felt lil' bit afraid of the plane. yeah, I am phobia of height honestly

It was really a happiness to see her enjoying playing at that place. Last year when we went there, She was afraid of the Donald Duck clown, but now she is very brave to meet and shake the clown's hand. yeah, nothing to be afraid of now. She even wanted to "ride' the "animals doll" around the mall but we did not let her .. time for going back home..hehe

waved the hand ..

blew the kisses to the uncle..

can u see her happiness???? ...


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