Friday, May 29, 2009

The SimsHollic..

Yeah The Sims is my most Favorite game ever!. I have been played this game since I was a kid.. from the simplest one Sims Town, Sims Zoo until the more complicated one such us The Sims.

Yesterday my Friend who also is a Simshollic told me that she just bought a new the Sims 3 Dvd at Mangga Dua Mall for a 100.000 Idr.. its Quite Expensive, isn't it? then my other Friend told me that he could get that same dvd for only 20.000 Idr!! waaa I do want it.. !!

Ok, I already ordered the cheaper one to my friend and he promised me to bring it on Monday.. hmm can't wait to get it!! I do love the Sims..!..

Anyway, love this wall paper of Sims 2.. ^-^


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