Saturday, May 23, 2009

His World

1. Photograph.
He likes this interesting field since a few years ago and fulfilled the dream with his Nikkon.. I do like to accompany him to take the picture and the most is being the Object,,Hehe.. due to his ability, We had our pre wedding outdoor picture taken by Himself and the result is very outstanding.. !!.. perfecto.. ..!!.

2. Playstation..
His Sony Playsation is one of his best budd- beside his camera-..He traveled from one place to another, domestic or abroad without forgetting this things. Now this small powerful thing also dwell in our small house and u can guess, some times he ignore me when playing this.. Ok honey., get ur time.. !

3. Laptop
He also can't get far from this thing., this laptop already stayed with him since he was in his College. Browsing the internet also his main duty every day.. so for Him, life is not really interesting without the internet connection,, its ok because I do love this one too,,hehe,,

4. Travelling,,
He loves travelling so much.. He had traveled to some interesting part of the world such us the great wall of China, the unique Singapore, the Awesome country Canada or one of his fav country : Japan.. His dream now is visiting the angkor wat in Kamboja.. He is a fanatic Backpacker!

5. Piano
He already mingle with this lovely thing since he was a kid. He is a good Pianist and I admit this. I do like to ask him for playing my fav classic song such us Furellise and He will do it well everytime I do ..His dream is for having Clavinova at our home some day and I can't wait to reach that dream!..

6. Books..
He likes reading so much, from the daily newpaper "kompas" until the books of Daniel Silva. Due to this hobby, Gramedia is one of his favorite place to go and there He will spend more than an hour to get his books..and because I also like reading ( but not really like the "hard" books like He Does) We plan to have our mini library someday in our small house.. I can wait to see all of us ( including our children ,, p: ) laying down on the carpet to read or fave books at our mini library..

7. Study and Learn more..
He likes to study and study.. Now he has already gotten the International Masteral Degree but starving for a higher academic level. This is also the reason why He always "push"me to gain for a magister program. "Never Feel too old to learn" is one of his motto..No wonder if u see him curious of my oxford english dictionary to get a new things from that.. One more, His fav channel related to this is Discovery Channel which is a boring one for me.. ;p


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