Sunday, July 26, 2009

Biokos Skin Care

Due to the problem of my skin, especially my face, I was suggested to use some products of Biokos.. the products that I am using now is Biokos Pure Balance Hydro Gel Moisturizer and Granular Cleansing Foam.. I have used them for one month and they give me a better face become better now.. its not really "dry" and " Peeled" even tough still need more treatment... going to the saloon or beauty center?? I am not that kind of patient person.. I have ever tried the product of dr, Eva Mulia in Tebet before.. but it didnt work..

Because i stay inside a flat, i cant get off from Air Con.. maybe this is one of the cause of my "dehydration" skin.. Air Con makes our skin dry,, and this is my problem now.. huhuhu..


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