Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Waah ga kerasa udah lama ga ngepost!.. Malahan ini jadi postingan pertama ditahun 2011 ini..I do miss this page actually.. tapi karna emang kondisi badan en seperti biasa tahun baru apalagi tahun ini tuh banyak yang speciaal banget, bikin ga sempat untuk duduk manis didepan lappy kaya gini!

Anyway, let's review my "journey" during the year end.>> as usually, we went to Bandung to gather with The Manullang's big family, and the special one before was : preparing my baby's stuff!! yeah!!

Because he was 28 weeks in last December, so it was the time to buy his first needs. Our first destination was Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua due to its cheap price and there we could find so many things from the local to the imported and many brands

Hmm i think thats enough for this post. I will post another complete one for each stories above.

Anyway, Happy Belated New Year!! ( better late than never at all, rite?? )


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