Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Year at Bandung

As usually, we went to my parents in law house and also the place where my hubby was born : Bandung to spend the new year. Actually we had a plan before to spend it in Pekanbaru, where my parents stay but due to my pregnancy, we must skip that plan for now

(bye-bye Jakarta and my hubby's extraordinary expression)

On January 1st, my parents in law held a Sabbath worship where all the church mates came at our house. There we had a worship and almost all my family gathered there. At the end, we had an exchange gift, where I got a drink bottle and tooth brush. My husband got a purple lunch box!

( with my cute nephews : Timmothy and Sabastian during the gathering)

On the next day, we had a family morning worship where like usual, my parents in law gave an advice for each of us. He told us that He was really happy to see our happy marriage especially in waiting for the birth of Ucok, but He still adviced my husband to do sport everyday due to His big belly (yeah, as a Doctor, My Dad in law is really concern about health!)

Anyway, due to my belly, we did not go anywhere to spend the holiday, just stay at home and gathered together with so many food actually!!


fennymasruri said...

Hey ya mommy-to-be!

please do tell your husband "welcome to the belly of a husband" :D

since my hubby got that belly too :P

Gracey.. said...

wkwkwkwk.. so being a husband must be related to the big belly ya!!..hehe

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