Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Colorstay Mineral Foundation

I am falling in love with this Product.. Started when I looked for the Foundation and Compact Powder, I found this newest Product of REVLON. Due to the simple way to use, the colour and how it works on the face's skin, I grabbed it home and never regret of my decision directly after I used it for the first time.

My pale face is not alike the pale neither the "Polished" one. The powder which also contains the foundation- so I don't need to have my liquid foundation to keep it stick longer-is so smooth and my hubby said I was looked simpler but more beautiful ( ehm)

Then what I like from this product is the "promise" of the brand that their product will "stain" or stay for 9 hours and it was proofed on the 1st time use! Love it!


Nda-abiw said...

aq juga pake ini grace tapi kalo di aq ga nyampe 9 jam tahannya soalnya kulitku berminyak bgt :( klo buat pemakaian sehari2 berasa bgt emg ringan ya dibandingin pk liquid foundation

Gracey.. said...

wah ga tahan sampe 9 jam ya say? berarti emg tergantung ama jenis kulit juga ya, kalo kulitku emang kering banget, makanya sebelum pake ini harus pake pelembab dulu .. emg ringan kan ya Din?? makanya nih suka banget pake ini.. selain hemat ga perlu pake foundation lagi..hehe :D

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