Monday, December 14, 2009

Bea's Wedding

Last Sunday, We attended the wedding of my hubby's office mate, Bea at Pendopo Utama TMII, Jakarta.

This is the traditional wedding of Palembang, where sense of Malay is really dominant. O ya, Speechless with the Venue : really big and full furnished! the reception was prepared well so I think it really run very well.

One of some uniqe thing at the wedding is the Souvenir. It is a customized note book where the bride put her Favorite Restaurants and delicatessens Review where one of them is the proposal venue complete with the interesting personal and unique!

Anyway happy wedding to both of them, wish all the best in the new chapter of the marriage..

Ps: This pic was taken at the wedding where I just learned how to put a " text mark" ..:p


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