Monday, June 7, 2010

My Mini-Hunting

Since two months ago, I already beg one Mini Dress ( again) to my hubby, and due to that reason, we visited some of the Mall where I used to buy one.

The problem was not the Items but my body size ( Yes, I am an extra-S woman!). For the Asian Size, I will be fit on
Small or Medium Size where for the American or European, I need no size than Extra Small!!

Fortunately, I heard that one of my favorite bran
d "Minimal" have opened their Boutique in Jakarta ( before, we had to go to Bandung to buy one dress from them) and lucky me, it was in "Citra Land" shopping center which was so near to my flat, so at the opening day, we went there

But I was not lucky as I thought before because their collections for now is available in a " big " size ( even tough I had already gotten the Extra Small One) due to the style or just say the " seasons" that they are having now. So I just said Bye bye to this collections this time, hope that I will find the suitable one ( for me ) next sessions!

Next, we went to my favorite shopping center when I stayed in Sudirman :
Ambassador and Plaza Semanggi . Centro in Plaza Semanggi is one of my favorite Department Store but once again I wasn't lucky because their " trends" for now is the " Elegant" party dress where I just looked for a semi casual " Mini Dress".

Then we also went to
Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia but what we had was not so different from Centro. Ok, I do love chiffon with floral patterns on it, but please do not make me looked too old with that colors and cuts!

The next destination was
Puri Indah Mall which is the nearest Mall from my house ( beside Mall Taman Palem where can't be labeled " Mall" ) there I found one black chiffon mini dress which I liked, but only available in size S/M ( means ; the size S is equal with size M) where it length couldn't be "compromise" with me

Depressed with the conditions, I decided to give up after this recent sessions end. Just hope that the next trends are suitable for me. My hubby tried to cheer me up by buying a short pants for me ( what a nice rewards! Hehe)

But Lucky me, when we went to
Daan Mogot Mall ( also near my house) to get my watch fixed, I found a black mini dress at Matahari Department Store. The size was " M" but it was still suitable for me! what a nice surprise after a long and tiring hunting! Thanks God!


soRella said...

ahh Gracey...keliling2 segitu banyak mol demi mini dress?? hahaha...lucky you sang hubby bersedia ikut berkeliling ;)

*eh, aku ganti nama blog yaa..jd mst difollow lagi, hehe

Gracey.. said...

hehe iyaa, walopun rada bete sih dia..hehe

siiip, langsung berkunjung nih ya ke blogmu..*ga potong kambing nih ganti nama?? * hehe

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