Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Piano

My hubby's is a Pianist, let's say : Piano freak. Practicing piano filled his life, from childhood time until now.

Poor for us, we don't have that beautiful but very expensive thing inside our small flat. So my hubby only can play it at the time we go to my parents in law home at Bandung. There he will met his black buddy!

Then last week, we found a new store in Plaza Semanggi, name : "Buku Musik". Where it provides so many music books, lets say "Partiture" of classical until modern songs, and no wonder, He spent a long time inside that store.

Anyway, there is just OK if he decided to buy one of the partiture, but the problems is the partitures are all originally imported from US or Canada, and we have to pay the original price plus 20% of the total cost. can you imagine, none book costs less than IDR 150,000 ? what a expensive price for us now! ( not for the other people, I mean)

Then the second problems is, we couldn't have only one book to be bought. You know, if you were a pianist, you would be very interested in finding as many songs that you can. So due to this reason, my hubby finally decided not to buy even one, before spending hundreds thousand rupiah inside this luxury books store.

Next, after accidentally visited the store, my hubby now is missing his black mate. And as I can guess before, he is now searching for Yamaha Clavinnova rather than the upright piano as he has at his parents house because its price is cheaper and also contains more -lets say- music gadget as electronic keyboard or Electone has

By the way, I am also -lets say- an organist and a Piano lover . I am too dreaming about having our piano at home some day. But to be honest, we can't afford it this time. The cheapest price of it is around IDR 20 billion ( the old and already used one) and it really impossible for us to afford it at least this year. So honey, please be patience, you will have your best mate as soon as we could afford!


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