Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Hubby's Spaghetti

This is my hubby's own made Spaghetti.. the taste was soo delicious!!, I admit that he is best for Spaghetti, Lasagna or another westerns and European Food. For the appetizer, He also made the Garlic Bread which I do love..hmm nyummy!!

My hubby actually doesn't love cook, even tough He likes to watch Food Channel to enrich his Culinary knowledge. He just like to observed things, started from Animals and also Food. My " eating habit" which always starving for some food is the only one reason for Him to try the recipe by himself, and I do love it!! hehe

Now on, Because He can make the good one, even more delicious than some vendor's. We never buy those food when I want to eat them. It means we can save money because and also we can have more and more without consider the price!! Love it!!


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