Friday, November 13, 2009

Unhappy Friday Morning

Yuhu..Friday!! I always Happy to start this day! but not today...

Actually this Friday started badly for me because I made something wrong in the school which will impact my friends..hhuhu..along the day I couldn't concentrate even tough I had already apologize for that kind of foolish thing.. please Help me God!

The first lesson today was Physical Exercise with all the Pre School and Kindergarten ( there are 3 classes in the morning) so I brought the children to the sport field and we did some P.E there where my mind were thinking about that Fault!

Hiks..I couldn't concentrate on my teaching. What I wanted to do is hide and run to my hubby, because He is the one who will make me calm ( except praying and asking a "help" from God eventough I knew that I was wrong) but I decided not to call my hubby because He is really busy for this end of the year ( yeah, thats budgeters!)

But thanks God, what I was afraid of didn't happen ( at least for today, but I hope Forever!)
until the time for leave the school, none happen I could take a deep breath..Huffff..thank God for helping this wrong person!


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